Camping Under the Stars

Sultanate of Oman


Arabian Desert Safaris

Experience the serenity of the Arabian desert


The desert can represent a contrasting landscape: harsh and impressive, oppressive hot to definitely cold, dry followed by sudden flood, and believed wasteland but truly teem with life. Just a fascinating place to visit! Camp out on sand dunes in the Rub Al Khali, take advantage of the bright stars sight and spend time as a nomad. There is a possibility to bring everything you need. We supply a basic individual tent and a sleeping bag.


  • Pickup from your hotel in Dhofar
  • Four-wheel drive to Ubar and Al Hashman
  • A short walk through the warm sand dunes
  • Wonderful sunset view from the top of a sand dune
  • On the spot cooking: the typical menu is meat, rice and vegetables
  • Sleeping in your individual tent
  • Climb a sand dune and enjoy sunrise view
  • Having a cup of tea
  • Drop off to your hotel.