Camping in Al Sawda Island

Camping in Al Sawda Island Enjoy your boarding to Al Sawda Island where rocky mountains and white sands stand across the turquoise Arabian sea. Camp on the beach and savour Dhofari on the spot cooking: the typical menu is rice, meat and vegetables. Night falling ? we supply a basic individual tent (bivouac). Possibility to […]

Playing Omani Football

Football Match Football is the most popular sport in Oman, managed by the Omani Football Association. Muddle through an Omani team and play your role. Match de Football Le Football est un sport populaire à Oman, dirigé par l’Association de Football. Faites partie d’une équipe de football et jouez votre rôle.

Fishing in the Arabian Sea

Fishing in the Arabian Sea Embark with Ibrahim, our local Dhofari expert fisherman, for an extraordinary fishing adventure. In the Arabian Sea, every season has special targeted preys: cuttlefish, octopus, squid, crustacean… Use your fishing hock or fishing line (manual), and simply have fun! Activité de pêche en Mer d’Arabie Embarquer avec Ibrahim, notre Dhofari […]

Arabian Desert

Mystery of The Empty Quarter Desert – Rub Al Khali Beyond Thumrait, famous for the station of Royal Air Force of Oman, the lost city Ubar welcomes you in a unique environment. Discover the Ancient Antique City Iram of the Pillars, and walk through a fortress buried under the shifting sands. Here you can catch […]

Jebel Samhan

Jebel Samhan – Nature Reserve Jebel Samhan is one of the highest mountain ranges in Oman, reaching up to 2100 meters. We bring your special permission to explore the mountain: Tawi Ateer Sinkhole, harvesting frankincense and a breathtaking view of the coastal plain of Mirbat. On the way, discover the extraordinary round houses of the […]

Free Diving – Plongée Libre

Free Diving Our experienced local Dhofari diver Ibrahim practices swimming and diving since his childhood. Near Taqah, his home town, he is escorting you deeply for an incredible free diving activity to enjoy coral reefs view. Option of only swimming and view dolphins show! Plongée Libre Notre plongeur expérimenté Ibrahim est Dhofari, pratiquant la pêche, […]

Al Maghseel

Al Maghseel – Arabian Seafront Getaway from Salalah, pass through the largest port in Oman, Salalah Port, and stroll through Al Maghseel coasts in a wonderful contrasting landscape where rocky mountains stand across the turquoise Arabian Sea. Here dusk creates incredibly mystical atmosphere! Al Maghseel – Bord de la Mer d’Arabie Passage à côté du […]

Al Baleed

Al Baleed – Archaeological Park Al Baleed Park is an open-air site and a UNESCO world heritage. In 1285, it has been extolled by the Italian traveller Marco Polo as the frankincense port. For centuries, Salalah has grown out of the pillars of the Middle Age settlement Al Baleed. Al Baleed – Parc Archéologique Inscrit […]