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Visit & Dine – Rub Al Khali Desert

Quarter Desert


125 OMR*

Have an unforgettable evening in the Rub Al Khali Desert, take advantage of the bright stars sight and spend time as a nomad

  • Departure from your hotel in the afternoon, in the direction of Al Hashman. First stop at Thumrait, famous for the station of Royal Air Force of Oman
  • Continue 94km north towards Ubar, the lost city welcomes you in a unique environment. Discover the Ancient Antique City Iram of the Pillars, and walk through a fortress buried under the shifting sands. Here you can catch sight of a mirage...Upon the legend, Ubar is the city of the Thousand and One Night
  • Meet local Bedouins with fascinating lifestyle and try an Arabian camel trekking
  • Around one hour before sunset, reach Al Hashman 73km further away and attend reddish sundown on the top of a sand dune
  • Swing yourself in golden sand
  • Enjoy a varied typical Bedouin's meal: rice, fresh dromedary meat, fresh chicken, vegetables, fruits, drinks
  • Return to your hotel.

Conditions: Private tours - Free pickup from and drop-off to your hotel - Freedom to stop wherever desired - Option to bring your picnic - Indicated duration for the on-site visit - For a larger group of tourists, please request a free cost estimate.

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